(boneless lamb pieces cooked with garlic,tomato,and select Indian spices)


  • Lamb saag

(lamb pieces cooked in creamed spinach with touch of curry sauce)


  • Lamb Korma

(tender lamb piecescooked in almond and cream sauce and dry fruits)


  • Lamb Tikka Masala

(lamb pieces cooked in tomato based cream sauce seasoned with herb & spieces)


  • Lamb Pepper Masala

(lamb pieces marinated in spieces & sauted w/tomatoes,onions,bell peppers)


  • Lamb Vindaloo

(pieces of lamb cooked with potatoes in tangy and hot spiced sauce)


  • Lamb Coconut Masala

(marinated pieces of lamb cooked in exotic coconut based curry sauce)


  • Lamb Mushroom

(boneless pieces of lamb cooked in a blend of mushroom and spiecs)